Huge Pride

Designer | 2024

The LGBTQ+ community has made significant strides towards equality, but the fight for full acceptance continues, especially in today's global climate. In recognition of Pride Month, I took the initiative to create engaging social media content and internal communications materials that amplified LGBTQ+ voices and celebrated their ongoing efforts.

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2022 Midterms

Designer | 2022

This project focused on enhancing the accessibility of the US 2022 Midterm Election results display on Google Search. The key challenge was ensuring all users could easily access and understand the complex data and dynamic nature of election results, even with limitations. This included creating a completely new, redistricted US map that balanced detail for user accuracy with technical considerations for web performance.

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Thrive & Connect

UI/UX Designer & Motion | 2024

Facing a chronic illness diagnosis or a major life milestone can be overwhelming. A flood of questions can leave you feeling lost. This project is your compass, guiding you to established and supportive communities. The platform empowers you to cross-reference information with reliable sources for a clearer picture. Even when doctors have limited time, this project provides a network of peers and valuable insights.

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Data Viz Library

Designer | 2023

This Figma library wasn't just a collection of data graphs; it was a game-changer. It pushed the boundaries of what was possible in Figma at the time by offering a vast array of 400+ highly customizable, responsive, and fully accessible data visualizations for UI design. This library's impact extended beyond its functionality, inspiring future Figma updates that continue to benefit designers today.

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Safe Search

Designer | 2022

Can you design an icon that instantly tells users they're entering a protected space online? This project explores concepts for Google SafeSearch, aiming to create a symbol that reflects both its established filtering function and its role as a guardian against inappropriate content.

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Director, Designer & Animator | 2021

Embark on a vibrant journey through the history of color classification and its use in film. This captivating animation explores the unspoken language of color, a powerful tool we wield intuitevely yet rare contemplate. Get ready for a unique story where color itself takes center stage.

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Researcher & Designer | 2021

This platform tackles the challenge of scattered onboarding information, a major source of anxiety for new hires. By centralizing the onboarding experience, we leverage user journey research, testing, and best practices to deliver knowledge that resonates and empowers new hires, ensuring increased knowledge retention for a smoother transition into their roles.

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