Thrive & Connect

Empowering informed decisions for life's big moments.

UI/UX Design Candelaria Velandia Katalina Jaima Santiago Rozo
Motion Design Santiago Rozo
Creative Direction Isaac Perez

An image showing the five different personas created for this project

Chronic illnesses impact a vast number of people, each with unique experiences. Recognizing this diversity, we developed user archetypes to guide our UI framework and design. These archetypes represent the core needs of individuals facing chronic illness. Some users prioritize information seeking, striving to understand their condition and regain a sense of control. They may feel like lab rats in a maze of medical jargon, and our framework aims to empower them with clear, trustworthy information. Others crave connection, seeking to feel understood and supported. They may search for shared experiences and lessons learned, and our user journey aims to connect them with a supportive community who 'get it'.

Animation explaining how our framework helps people understand and cope with their condition Animation explaining how our framework helps people connect and relate with people like them

Grounded in the core pillars of 'Understanding & Coping' and 'Connecting & Relating,' our UI framework addresses the distinct needs of individuals with chronic illness.

For those seeking to understand and cope with their condition, the framework prioritizes user empowerment. We achieve this by delivering clear, concise, and empathetic information that goes beyond dry medical jargon. This approach fosters a sense of control and understanding, empowering users to prepare for the future, both physically, psychologically, and economically.

The framework also addresses the needs of those who crave connection and shared experience. It fosters a sense of community by connecting users with others facing similar challenges. This combats feelings of isolation and provides valuable insights from those who have walked a similar path. The core principle here is companionship – knowing you're not alone and your perspective matters.

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