Safe Search

Safeguarding your online experience.

Designer Santiago Rozo Urreta
Animator Santiago Rozo Urreta

Final proposals

To seamlessly integrate with the existing Google product ecosystem, I referenced established iconography from popular and successful Google products. This exploration resulted in a range of concepts utilizing diverse visual elements, including both the classic Google 4-color palette and single-color options for a more streamlined look.

After a thorough evaluation of the initial explorations, some concepts fell short in conveying either the context of SafeSearch within the interface or the core idea of protection. I then refined the most promising options, iterating on them to arrive at the final proposals, which are presented here in various sizes.

Lockup animation for final proposal 2 Lockup animation for final proposal 2

The initial proposals explored the context of SafeSearch. One concept utilized a magnifying glass, a familiar symbol for searching, subtly suggesting that SafeSearch helps users find safe content. The other proposal leaned into the concept of protection. Here, Google's signature circles orbited the eye, creating a visual barrier against inappropriate content.


Iconography should be clear in its concept and its context to function properly and communicate accordingly.

Choosing references is important. That a brand released a design, it doesn't mean that the design is automatically good.

Adding color to an icon looks good, but its best used sparingly as in smaller sizes it can become a hindrance to visibility.